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Legacy films told through pillow talk (Watch Remembering Ralph here)

June 18, 2019

                         Davida Rosenblum and Jill Uchiyama, Salem, MA  March, 2019)


My good friend Davida Rosenblum and I presented our short film, "Remembering Ralph," at Explorers, a program for Senior Citizens located in Salem, Massachusetts. On the cold winter day, a cozy group of 20 people joined us in the screening room- first to hear about my process of putting together the 22 minute film on New York City film editor, Ralph Rosenblum- but then to hear Davida, Rosenblum's wife speak about the process of writing her latest novella, "Bo."


Davida, 92, was a typical subject and co-creator of Legacy films- only one thing was missing- her desire to really be on camera! She made it clear that she did not want the film to be about her, but rather, about her late husband Ralph and his fascinating career as one of New York City's prominent film editors of the 50's-80's.


As Ralph's wife, Davida learned many things about the film editing industry during the many sessions of pillow talk the couple had throughout their 46 year marriage. The idea that husband and wife exchange more than just bodily fluid in bed, was amusing to me- but also profound. And in the case of our 2018 film "Remembering Ralph," it became the vehicle for not only a lesson in film editing history, but in the process of working with some of the most interesting American directors of that time: William Friedkin, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and Sidney Lumet, to name a few.


The project went from a small senior center lecture to a colorful and multi-layered experience of Ralph and his work- through the eyes and memories relayed through Davida. 


In this way, we can establish Legacy and celebrate it, even if the subject of the film is no longer with us. And this is another wonderful way to bring back the power of the past into the present and on to the future.


"Remembering Ralph" can be viewed for free on Vimeo. 




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